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The pinnacle in protection talismans, The Bodyguard is a combination of the most protective stones around! Black Tourmaline for blocking out all of those negative thoughts, energies and even bad spirits. Jet has a long history of being used as a protective talisman in many cultures and carries that don’t mess with me vibe like most black stones. Smoky Quartz to absorb and disperse low lying energies, and lastly a touch of Hypersthene from the Greek word of overstrength a grounding stone that helps quiet the mind from outside noise & mental stresses. Working directly with the 3rd eye chakra makes it excellent for meditation, seeking answers and enhancing psychic abilities.

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2 reviews for Bodyguard

  1. themenectar

    I absolutely love this bracelet! The photos do it no justice, thank you!!

  2. Leah N

    This was my 1st of many that I now have in my collection. Love the quality & meaning you describe in each of the stones / beads????‍♀️

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